My teachers
I constantly learn from industry leaders.
Jeff Walker
One of the leading businessmen and professors of marketing in the world. Author of the book and Lounch course.
One of the most influential, experienced and talented Internet marketing specialists. He owns multiple successful online-businesses.
Ryan Deiss
Guru of internet marketing in the USA, author of many training materials. He set up a record when he earned more than $25 million in 24 hours.
Frank Kern
In 6 months turnover and profit of your company will grow X % guaranteed. Together we will discuss and record X on first meeting.
I saw how the creation of the system that processes all incoming stream itself. That does not sleep, does not eat, does not demand salary and does not release any client who got into it.

I completed internet marketing courses from the gurus! Their companies consist of several people and earn millions of dollars. Conversion of the websites gives indicators of 60–90%.

During a 30-minute free consultation, you will receive step-by-step solution plan of 1 problem in your Business.
I will find growth opportunities in a business model, I will build the map of goal achievements and I will check that all tasks are carried out.


I share new knowledge and decisions on webinars, I do so in order to be generally useful for society.
I enjoy working with a live audience in a hall with powerful enterprise energy where the listeners get insights.


My consulting is based on knowledge and practice in Digital Business and classical marketing, I only use the tools influencing profit and revenue.

I practice more than 400 successful strategies and tactics in B2B, B2C and C2C markets. I also constantly share useful materials with my subscribers on topics such as marketing, digital-marketing, sales, automation and general instruments of digital business model transformation.
Today the market changes with high speed! The main skill of a century is to be flexible!
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